Osteology Research Scholars report

Every year, the Osteology Foundation supports four young researchers with a Research Scholarship, which allows them to spend one year at a renowned Osteology Research Scholarship Centre. The current scholars have told us about how they experienced the first half year.


Ausra Ramanauskaite, from Lithuania

Scholar in Düsseldorf, Germany, with Frank Schwarz

“Over all my expectations!”

Ausra evaluates clinical characteristics of peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis during her 1-year stay at the University of Düsseldorf. She was always seeking for the highest standards in clinical practice and research in her career, and wanted to take part in research projects of international standards. She applied for a scholarship in Düsseldorf, because it is the leading university in the field of peri-implant pathology, and the professors working there were role models for her. She expected to gain knowledge and to get new opportunities during her Research Scholarship, which would help set up her future research career. Her resume after 6 months: Absolutely fantastic and over all my expectations! It is an ideal opportunity for young and enthusiastic researchers to be involved in the international network and a big step forward in building the future career.


Ryo Aizawa, from Japan

Scholar in Berne, Switzerland, with Daniel Buser

“An opportunity to learn advanced research methods.”

Ryo is working on the characterisation of soft tissues within naturally healed tooth extraction sockets. He applied for the Osteology Research Scholarship to develop his research career at an institute linking basic and clinical research, which the Dental School at the University of Bern links at a very high level. During his Research Scholarship he was hoping to lean methods for using human primary cells in vitro, which he did. He would recommend other young researchers also to apply, and thereby to get the opportunity to learn advanced research methods, and to get various different perspectives.


Wataru Hatakeyama, from Japan

Scholar in Boston, USA, with David Kim

“A great opportunity and inspiration for research.”

Wataru works on identifying osteogenic peptides that induce osteoblasts from bone marrow stromal cells or connective tissue fibroblasts. He has always been hoping to study abroad to learn world-class research. At the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, he wanted himself to be exposed to one of the top research and educational institutes. He expected to learn more about how to establish research projects including long-term goals, specific aims, experimental strategies and manuscript preparation, but also about new assays and techniques that can make research projects distinguished, as well as Harvard’s standard of academic ethics and integrity in science policies. Working with dentists and scientists at Harvard, he has not only been cultivating knowledge and technical skills, but also developed the understanding of research significance, design and problem solution. The Osteology Research Scholarship gave him a great opportunity and inspiration for research – greater than expected.


Jae-Kook Cha, from South Korea

Scholar in Madrid, Spain, with Mariano Sanz

Jae-Kook started in March, and has not finished his first 6 months yet. We are looking forward to share his report later that year.


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