Regeneration in Theory and Practice

The 6th edition of the Brazilian “Encontro Anual” took place in Curitiba from 19 to 20 August 2022. Over 60 participants attended this high-profile event organised by the National Osteology Group Brasil. The programme consisted of lectures and hands-on workshops with Nikolaos Donos (UK) and national greats such as Mariana Ragghianti Zangrando, Vanessa Frazão, João Batista Cesar Neto and Luiz Carlos Carmo Filho.

Theory and practice

The first day started with morning lectures from Donos and Ragghianti Zangrando followed by highly interactive workshops in the afternoon. Donos' workshop group did hands-on exercises on pig jaws, with most participants lucky enough to receive individual coaching from Donos himself. Ragghianti Zangrando’s group worked very concentrated on a model, afterwards, the groups swapped instructors.

The following day started with a presentation of the National Osteology Group and its activities by coordinator Cléverson Silva (Brazil) and the leadership team. Members of the leadership team including Flavia Sukekava, Vitor Sapata, Vitor Stuani and André Vajgel, moderated the following lectures from Donos and the national greats introduced above. Topics like periodontal soft tissue regeneration and management of hard tissue around implants captivated the audience.

A voting audience

A highlight of the second day was the case and poster competitions, entries for which were submitted in advance. The finalists, who had already won a travel-grant to come to Curitiba, got the opportunity to present their cases and posters live in front of a voting audience. Isabel Gonsales, Caio Cremonini, Mario Escobar and João Garcez Filho were the deserving winners of the Case Competition, and Raphaella Michel won the Poster Competition in front of runner up Gabriel Magrin.

This very successful annual meeting, gathering young students and experienced oral surgeons from all over Brazil, was a result of joint efforts between the National Osteology Group Brasil and our local partners.

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