Research Academy: 29 young researchers were educated in Lucerne

In September 2014, 29 young researchers from all over the world attended the Osteology Research Academy in Lucerne with the aim of learning about good research practice. The participants were particularly grateful about the opportunity to contact and hold discussions with the renowned and experienced researchers that led the course.


Not every young researcher can work within a group of internationally renowned researchers, so many scientists do not have access to the knowledge and partners they need. To meet this need, the Osteology Foundation has created a training programme for good research practice: the Osteology Research Academy, which took place in Lucerne, Switzerland, for the fourth time.

Good ideas should not fail for the lack of training in scientific methodology
The yearly week-long course organised by the Osteology Research Academy is geared towards post-graduates from all over the world, research affiliates from industry and practitioners interested in research.

It aims to teach the expertise required for successful research, and the attendees also benefit greatly from sharing experiences and discussing projects with like-minded people.

Under the chairmanship of Professor Niklaus Lang and Professor Reinhard Gruber, the young researchers learned about the fundamentals of dental research, the selection of study design and of suitable analytical methods for data acquisition, as well as analytical and critical interpretation of data, scientific writing and publication strategy.

Exploring further details with the Expert Module
In addition to the Core Module, which took place in Lucerne, the Osteology Foundation also offers an Expert Module that provides deeper insights into a specific area of research in oral regeneration. The three-day course in Kiel, Germany, focusses on histological techniques in hard tissue regeneration and provides in-depth and hands-on expertise.