Research Design, Methodology and Networking

The second Osteology Research Academy course in Hong Kong took place between 3–6 June 2019. The four-day intensive course on research design and methodology attracted 25 participants from 12 countries to the University of Hong Kong’s dentistry faculty.

During the course chaired by Mariano Sanz (Spain) and Michael Bornstein (Hong Kong), the participants enjoyed close contact with the renowned and experienced presenters in a relaxed learning atmosphere. The 16 presenters from seven countries (Australia, China, Korea, United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland, Japan) supported the participants in achieving the following learning objectives:

  • Fundamentals of research in dental medicine
  • From posing a scientific question to generating the answer
  • Selecting the suitable in-vitro, pre-clinical or clinical research approach
  • Selecting the appropriate analytical tools for data acquisition
  • Planning a pre-clinical or clinical study within a research group using international networks
  • Analysing and critically interpreting acquired data
  • Communicating findings and knowledge effectively

A big thank you goes to the local organisers from the University of Hong Kong. Without their support this successful event would not have been possible.