Sanz and Araújo step down from Osteology Board

The Osteology Foundation Board Meeting, that took place from 23–25 June 2019 in Zurich, was the last official gathering with Mariano Sanz and Maurício Araújo present. Time to look back on their achievements during their term in office.

Sanz, the last founding member of the Osteology Board, started his term of office in 2003 when the Osteology Foundation was founded. His dedication, ideas and tireless commitment to the mission of the Osteology Foundation, Linking Science with Practice in Regeneration, led to his election as President of the Foundation in 2015 as Christoph Hämmerle's successor.

Ambitious vision

A clear characteristic of his presidency was that he consistently promoted international networking for the Osteology Foundation. Sanz once summed up his vision in the following way, “Our global ambition is to reach out to every oral healthcare professional”. To open up new horizons, the Osteology Foundation has significantly widened its activities. This has included the increase and diversification of the funding research programme, the widening of the research training programmes through the expansion of Oral Research Academy courses into South America and Asia, and the increase in the education and training programmes by establishing key collaborations with some of the most important global scientific associations. In the last three years, collaborations with associations and institutions such as SOBRAPE (Brazil), SEPA (Spain), KAOMI (Korea), DGI (Germany), SAP (Argentina), and the University of Michigan (USA), have been established as part of this ambition. Under Sanz’s leadership, 14 National Osteology Symposia on five continents with more than 4300 participants were carried out, in addition to the 2016 International Osteology Symposium in Monaco and the 2019 offering held in Barcelona. William V. Giannobile will follow Mariano Sanz as President.

First South American Board member

Maurício Araújo was the first and only South American to join the Osteology Foundation Board. He was elected to the Board in 2009 and contributed his ideas and expertise to the Foundation’s Science Committee. He has made a major contribution to the success of the Foundation over the past decade with his passionate spirit. As Scientific Chairman of multiple National Osteology Symposia and Co-Chair of Osteology Barcelona, he can look back on many successful events. He brought the Osteology Research Academy to South America and, under his patronage, the first worldwide National Osteology Group was started in Brazil.

The Osteology Foundation is very grateful for their commitment, excellent work and compassion over the years. Lisa Heitz-Mayfield and Anton Sculean join the Board in their place.