SOBRAPE: A Brazilian partnership

This year, the Osteology Foundation partnered with the Brazilian Society of Periodontology SOBRAPE for its annual congress held in Salvador de Bahia from 21 to 23 April. Over 1000 participants attended this event and many of them joined one of the various Osteology@SOBRAPE sessions, consisting of no fewer than three half-day hands-on workshops, a complete afternoon session of lectures in the main auditorium, as well as a “Breakfast with the Masters” meeting on the last day of the congress.


With Marcelo Nunes (Brazil), Mario Roccuzzo (Italy), Anton Sculean (Switzerland) and Homa Zadeh (USA), the Osteology Foundation was able to attract four highly renowned and competent experts in oral tissue regeneration for its events at the SOBRAPE congress.

Intense workshop sessions with the masters

Marcelo Nunes familiarized the participants with all aspects of ‘biofunctionalization of collagen matrices’ and compared them with the classic alternative, autogenous grafts, for root coverage. Mario Roccuzzo, in his account of reconstructive techniques for peri-implant lesions, emphasized the importance of soft-tissue integration versus osseointegration. A serious evaluation of the chances of clinical success, as well as of the neighboring teeth which may be affected, are prerequisites for any peri-implantitis treatment.

Anton Sculean explained the University of Berne’s specific treatment concept for soft-tissue recessions on teeth and implants. Flap designs and material aspects were shown, and in particular also different tunnel techniques to treat gingival recessions.

Homa Zadeh started his explanations of alveolar bone augmentation with some useful reminders of the anatomical features and a clear defect classification. A special focus was given to the reconstruction of larger defects using a special tent-pole grafting technique.

More lectures and a breakfast session

All these workshops and lectures were very well received by the interested and knowledgeable audience. Also, the breakfast session proved to be a successful conclusion, where enthusiastic participants were able to discuss cases, diagnostic methods, and surgical techniques in detail in small groups with the world-renowned masters of their profession.

This highly successful event was a result of joint efforts between the National Osteology Group Brazil, our local partners and the congress organizers.

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