The Osteology Foundation sadly mourns the passing of Dr. Peter Geistlich

Dr. Peter Geistlich, founder of the Osteology Foundation and scientific pioneer in the field of bone regeneration, passed away on 23 July 2014 at the age of 88 years.

It is with great gratitude that we remember him as a philanthropic and responsible patron, whose creative ideas, vision and courage have left their mark on regenerative dentistry. In collaboration with international scientists he set milestones and found recognition worldwide.

The support of science was always particularly dear to him in all his activities. In 2003, he established the independent Osteology Foundation with the vision of sponsoring research and education worldwide in the field of oral regeneration and to drive this field forward to the benefit of patients.

His charisma and kindness will remain unforgotten. His independent thinking, his values and his enormous creative energy will always serve us as examples for continuing the Osteology Foundation and following his visions.

We would like to express our profound condolences to his family.


In the name of the Foundation Board

Christoph Hämmerle,
President Osteology Foundation

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