This are the Osteology Research Scholars 2021

We are delighted to introduce the Osteology Research Scholars 2021. Marcel Kunrath, Anina Zürcher, Mariane Sordi and Leonardo Mancini will soon start their scholar year at one of our Scholarship Centers. We asked them what they expect and what they are looking forward to in the exciting Scholarshop year.



Marcel Kunrath, Scholar at University of Gothenburg, Sweden

I am looking forward to joining the extremely renowned Department of Biomaterials at the University of Gothenburg, coordinated by Prof. Christer Dahlin. I am very motivated to cooperate and explore all the possibilities of learning provided by the department which is the pioneer in the knowledge of implants and osseointegration. My expectations are to increase my abilities and my knowledge in the area of biomaterials, investigating new materials that can improve the quality of clinical treatments. Furthermore, to learn and contribute to high-quality projects, publications and advanced research protocols





Anina Zürcher, Scholar at Queen Mary University of London, UK

As an Osteology Scholar and researcher, I see the Osteology Scholarship as an excellent opportunity for international collaboration and to improve my personal and professional development by exchanging and broadening my scientific knowledge in clinical and basic research in the field of oral tissue regeneration. Moreover, I am thrilled to join the renowned team of Professor Nikos Donos at the Queen Mary University.



Mariane Sordi, Scholar at Medical University of Vienna, Austria

I am very excited to join the Medical University of Vienna, University Clinic of Dentistry, The Competence Center Oral Biology lead by Prof. Reinhard Gruber. I will be doing research on the control of inflammation through regenerative materials. The field of regenerative materials has been my passion for the last few years and I am sure that I will learn a lot from my supervisor and colleagues at this renowned research center. I expect to build a proactive work environment, act on collaborative projects, and improve my interpersonal relationships.



Leonardo Mancini, Scholar at University of Zurich, Switzerland

I am thrilled to join the reconstructive department of the University of Zurich with Prof. Hämmerle and Prof. Thoma to acquire skills in clinical research and broaden my knowledge in implant rehabilitation, hard and soft tissue regeneration!