Training units with the cream of the crop

Finally, back to live action: as one of the first in a hopefully long series of face-to-face events, the Osteology Practical Academy took place in London on 8 April 2022. Organized by the National Osteology Group UK under the lead of Nikolaos Tatarakis, the combination of high-level lectures and intense hands-on workshops attracted over 50 attendees to the prestigious Royal College of Physicians. It was, as Nikolaos Donos, Foundation Board Member of the Osteology Foundation, aptly summed up: “An event driven by young clinicians and delivered by master clinicians and experts of international reputation.”

Profound knowledge and more besides

Frank Schwarz, Germany, gave a comprehensive overview of the currently most recommended surgical options when it comes to Guided Bone Regeneration for alveolar ridge reconstruction, with a focus on innovative procedures for staged lateral grafts. These recommendations were, of course, based on clinical experience in his own university setting as well as on thorough analysis of the relevant scientific evidence. The take-homes were the clear parameters to select the potentially best procedure for each individual patient case.

Colin Campbell, UK, took the audience on a journey around established as well as new approaches in sinus floor elevation. His very practice-oriented methodology suggested that, with correct case selection, overall treatment times can be drastically shortened without reducing success rates – an improvement for both the patient and the clinician. The practical protocol of this new procedure was presented to the participants. Colin Campbell’s own published data scientifically supporting the benefits of this new approach will be available in the future.

Sofia Aroca, France, emphasized the crucial role of good soft-tissue management for the overall success of surgical procedures around natural teeth. Through immersion in tissue biology and an introduction to today’s relevant surgical and suturing procedures, attendees were instructed how to make the right decisions in various clinical situations. The objective of this practical teaching, combined with the presentation of wide-ranging scientific data, was to enable the participants to perform highly predictable treatments in their daily practice.

Committed participants and great value for their patient work

After instructive theory lectures, each participant completed all three rotating workshops. The workshops were accompanied, besides the speakers, by Nikolaos Tatarakis, David Furze and Khurrum Hussain from the National Osteology Group UK, as well as by Elena Carciolari and Jeniffer Perussolo, Clinical Senior Lecturer and Clinical Research Fellow respectively at the Queen Mary University of London. The enthusiastic participants were highly focused on this intensive training day and took the opportunity to address questions to the speakers up until the very end – or to put it in the words of one participant: “This hands-on course was excellent, one of the best one-day courses I have been on and extremely good value.”

The Osteology Foundation team thanks all the lecturers, local organizers and helpers for their invaluable support, and the participants for having made this day special with their thirst for knowledge.

Have a look at the videos and picutre gallery below and stay tuned for the next events of the National Osteology Group UK!

Nikos Donos (UK) on the National Osteology Group UK


Nikolaos Tatarakis (UK) on the National Osteology Group UK


Sofia Aroca's (France) recap of the day


Frank Schwarz's (Germany) recap of the day


Colin Campbell's (UK) recap of the day