Virtual Osteology Session SEPA 2020 “On Air”

The first Virtual Osteology Session at SEPA 2020 “On Air” took place successfully this month. A big thank you to SEPA, our speakers and all those involved.

Due to COVID-19, it is still not possible to hold big congresses, so this year's SEPA congress had to change to an online version. Our collaboration partner SEPA managed to transform its annual symposium into a great e-format: the SEPA 2020 “On Air”. This format provides continuing education in all fields of periodontology, not as usual just for the condensed three congress days, but throughout all autumn weeks in 2020.

We were very pleased that our Virtual Osteology Foundation Session on 7 November was a great success. Thanks to the great cooperation with the SEPA team, we were able to welcome more than 850 participants to our Virtual Osteology Session. Also a big thank you to SEPA for providing us with 100 free tickets. We distributed these tickets via our social media channels. The interest of the participants was so high that all tickets were given away in just one hour.

The Osteology Session at SEPA "On Air" offered a great mix of internationally renowned speakers such as Mariano Sanz, Ignacio Sanz-Martin, Frank Schwarz and Ausra Ramanauskaite who spoke on “Bone regeneration in peri-implant defects”. After a introduction on “Taking decisions in peri-implant lesion treatment” by Mariano Sanz, the talks of Ignacio Sanz-Martin, Frank Schwarz and Ausra Ramanauskaite provided the basis for an expert debate. The speakers of this session were joined by experts in the field who highlight questions around surgical management of soft tissues, addressing aspects regarding submerged versus non-submerged implant insertion related to bone regeneration, or discussing a combined approach to treat peri-implant lesions.

Many thanks again to SEPA and all those involved in our successful Virtual Osteology Session. It was a great event!

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