“What else could I ask for?”

João Batista César Neto from Sorocaba, near São Paulo, Brazil, remembers the time when he started to work with the Osteology Foundation. He thinks back on some life-changing experiences over the years and how the Osteology Foundation was a milestone in his career. Dive in and learn more about how it all began and what he learnt along the way.

João is currently working at the University of São Paulo with undergraduate students, the Perio residents, and also conducts clinical trials in the field of oral regeneration. He also runs a private practice specialised in Periodontology and Implant Dentistry.

“The Osteology Foundation was a milestone in my career”

In 2014, João had his first close contact with the Osteology Foundation. He was invited for a position in the first “THE BOX” team. João thinks back on this time: “It is impressive how time flies by so fast. I can say that the Osteology Foundation was a milestone in my career. Back then, I was in my comfort zone with my regular activities in Brazil. When I became part of the team and started the activities for “THE BOX” project, my life and career changed a lot. At the beginning it was a huge challenge for me. Conference calls, international trips and a totally new project from scratch. On the other hand, it was a great opportunity for me to learn and develop. Naturally, I got involved in many activities in the Foundation, which brought a lot of new friends together with the professional network. Also, the people of “THE BOX” group became friends for life. The launch of the Global Osteology Community Platform THE BOX at the International Osteology Symposium Monaco in 2016 was a highlight, or should I say my first real success in my Osteology Foundation Story. Not only because of the project, but also because of the challenge of presenting it in the main auditorium in Monaco.”

“THE BOX” team at the International Osteology Symposium 2016 in Monaco

Talking about the International Osteology Symposium Monaco in 2016, in addition to the launch of “THE BOX”, João also attended a hands-on course with Professor Hämmerle and some lectures there. He remembers a very nice lecture by Massimo Simion about the long run of implants and the influence of implant surfaces on the results. Talking about the social experience at the symposium he says: “The social experience at all Osteology Foundation events that I have participated in was great. In Monaco I met some friends from Brazil that I have not met for a while. It was my first time in Monaco. I really liked the atmosphere of the place as well as of the congress.”

“One of my favourite activities since I joined the Osteology Foundation”

In 2016, João became a member of the Expert Council. “Every time the Foundation has a project or task that matches my expertise, they invite me to participate. Once, for example, I was responsible for the committee that organised the case competition during the International Osteology Symposium Barcelona in 2019. That was a great activity that I could contribute to from the very beginning. In this group we created the evaluation criteria, moderated the session and organised a committee to select the ones invited to present on stage. This was one of my favourite activities since joining the Foundation. The icing on the cake for me was the award ceremony for the case competition. Because Franck Renouard had to fly earlier, I had the honour of replacing him to deliver the award. It was such a great experience, especially because my favourite case was the winner. 

João at the award ceremony during the International Osteology Symposium Barcelona 2019

The most recent experience I was able to participate in because I am an Expert Council member was attending the Consensus Meeting in 2018. It was very interesting to be among so many brilliant people discussing the topics that are most relevant to the dental field. It was awesome!

João at the Osteology Consensus Meeting Switzerland in 2018
Group picture at the Osteology Consensus Meeting Switzerland in 2018


“The full Boston experience”

João attended his first Osteology Research Academy in 2016 in Boston. He remembers the great lecture by William Giannobile, showing all the necessary phases for launching a biomaterial in the market. The type of information only a few people can teach you. João was able to apply the concepts he learnt during the Osteology Research Academy Boston back at his university. He developed his research and shared it with his students and colleagues. João also highlighted the social experience with a nice dinner during the course. To give the participants the full Boston experience, they also had the opportunity to watch a basketball match with the Celtics.

Group picture at the Osteology Research Academy 2016 in Boston

João was so enthusiastic about the Osteology Research Academy and its concept. He attended the Osteology Research Academy Rio de Janeiro one year later. This time, however, not as a participant but as a lecturer. There, he was able to incorporate his experience from the year prior and benefit from it.

Group picture at the Research Academy Rio de Janeiro in 2017

“What else could I ask for?”

João also became part of the National Osteology Group Brazil Leadership Team: “It has been a fantastic experience and it combines several wonderful aspects: meeting new people, making new friends, learning a lot from very good speakers and helping young dentists to go further. What else could I ask for? This is a project that really motivates me. It is a great honour for me to show the Foundation’s motto: Linking science with practice every time I have the chance to do it.”

The National Osteology Group Brazil was launched in April 2017 at the Osteology Session at Sobrape in São Paulo. Since that time, the leadership team has learnt and developed a lot. This is also due to the friendship they developed for each other within the team. The members of the team always try to incorporate the atmosphere of friendship they have within the team into online and face-to-face events. The team’s main task is to develop the online programme with speakers and topics and the programme of the annual meeting. There have been more than 50 webinars in almost four years. The National Osteology Group Brazil has been able to develop both in the conduct of the online activities and in the selection of topics. “It sounds time demanding, but it is definitely worth it,” he adds.

“I will spread the word about the Foundation even more”

In the future, one of João’s main goals with the Osteology Foundation is to maintain the quality of the content generated within the National Osteology Group Brazil. Furthermore, he wants to spread the word about the Foundation and its activities. “It is important to keep helping students and young dentists to take their first steps with the Foundation. It is very gratifying when you look back and see that the students you motivated to join the National Osteology Group Brazil or another Osteology Foundation’s event are now, for example, Osteology Scholars and keep participating in the Foundation’s activities,” he says.

“I would recommend the Osteology Foundation to all those interested in Oral Regeneration. Furthermore, for those worried about the quality of some sources: we see so many things out there, but the Osteology Foundation’s quality standard is something that always impresses me. I would also recommend the Foundation to young dentists and students in particular, because a great starting point is something that can make a huge difference in a career in dentistry. So, let the Osteology Foundation support you,” João rounds off.