William Giannobile on the renewed mission of the Osteology Foundation

The Osteology Foundation just renewed its mission. William Giannobile is explaining the update of the mission and the uniqueness of the Foundation.

The Osteology Foundation had a little chat with the Foundation's president William V. Giannobile at the beginning of 2020. He talked about the updated mission, its goal and what makes the Osteology Foundation unique compared to other foundations in the same field.

William V. Giannobile has been a member of the Osteology Board since 2007, therefore making him a valuable source of information on the entire organisation. The new mission was subject to winning a complete strategic plan for the Osteology Foundation. The process only began over a year ago, during which time the Foundation was able to bring together the Board Members to work on a new edition of the Foundation's mission. Emphasis was placed on the promotion of research and education based on oral tissue regeneration and this focus is exactly what makes the Osteology Foundation unique and distinguishable from other Foundations worldwide. Another distinctive feature of the Osteology Foundation is the specialized and network community that is involved in the field of oral tissue regeneration.

Watch the full video where William V. Giannobile talks about the renewed mission and what makes the Osteology Foundation unique.



The Osteology Foundation is a global organisation that supports science, research training, and education in the field of oral tissue regeneration. The objective is to develop and share knowledge and understanding, leading to evidence-based clinical practice for the improvement of patient care.

True to its motto “Linking Science with Practice in Regeneration” the Osteology Foundation bridges the gap between scientific advancement and contemporary clinical practice, in the field of oral tissue regeneration.