Young researchers in the city of lights

It could be called a tradition – for an 8th time, a new international group of young professionals came together to enhance their knowledge about research on oral tissue regeneration at the Osteology Research Academy (ORA) in Lucerne, known as the city of lights. From 10–14 September 2018, 31 participants attended the course on research design and methodology.

The course was a one-week intensive training programme providing a comprehensive view on most aspects of pre-clinical and clinical studies required by young researchers for their daily work. Participants had the chance to learn from renowned researchers in the field of oral regeneration during lectures, discussions and workshops.

It is definitely the proximity to the experts that makes the Osteology Research Academy a real success story. Participants had the chance to discuss their questions face-to-face with specialists like Daniel Thoma, Reinhard Gruber, Ronald E. Jung, Frank Schwarz and Niklaus Lang, to name just a few. Daniel Thoma said: “The Osteology Research Academy is probably one of the best opportunities for young researchers in the field of oral regeneration to learn from renowned experts and to make contact with a motivated group of international participants.”

The learning objectives were:

  • Fundamentals of research in dental medicine
  • The process from posing of a scientific question to generating the answer
  • Selection of the suitable in-vitro, pre-clinical or clinical research approach
  • Selection of the appropriate analytical tools for data acquisition
  • Planning of a pre-clinical or clinical study within a research group using international networks
  • Analysis and critical interpretation of acquired data
  • Effective communication of findings and knowledge

After an intensive but interesting week, the participants agreed that the ORA Lucerne successfully covered the learning objectives and was of great benefit to their own careers.

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