2nd Osteology Consensus Meeting on peri-implant tissues

On 13 June 2017, the 2nd Consensus Meeting of the Osteology Foundation on the topic "Evidence based knowledge in the aesthetics and maintenance of peri-implant soft tissues" took place in Weggis, Switzerland.

In two groups under the chairmanship of Ronald E. Jung, Switzerland, and Frank Schwarz, Germany, the effects of hard- and soft-tissue augmentation procedures on the maintenance of peri-implant tissues, as well aesthetics of peri-implant soft tissues were discussed, and the outcome was summarized in three consensus reports. The reports have been published  in a supplement of Clinical Oral Implants Research, together with four systematic reviews that were done in preparation of the consensus meeting.

The conclusions of the consensus meeting were in short:

  • The limited evidence available supports the use of soft tissue augmentation procedures to promote peri-implant health.
  • Lateral bone augmentation procedures are associated with peri-implant tissue stability on short- (1-3 years) and mid- to long-term (>3 years) follow-up.
  • In single tooth implants, the papilla height between an implant and a tooth is predominantly dependent on the clinical attachment level of the tooth. In cases with two implants next to each other, it is not possible to define a value for the optimal horizontal distance between two adjacent implants restored with fixed dental prosthesis.

Video Statements

Watch the statements by the Chairmen, Ronald E. Jung and Frank Schwarz, as well as William V. Giannobile, Chairman of the Communications Committee, and Lisa Heitz-Mayfield, Editor of Clinical Oral Implants Research: